Your prospect asks, “Can I have more…”?

What if a prospect asks for more demo time (samples, free trials, etc…), more than what your company can afford or is willing to give? How would you normally respond? Better yet, how should you handle it?

I have learned over the years, that one word that you want to avoid saying to prospects is “No”. Saying “No” means “closing a door”.  When you are attempting to qualify prospects, the last thing you want to do is “close doors” on any revenue opportunities.  Telling a prospect ‘No” is doing just that.

Now, there are times, I am sure when saying “No” is probably warranted. Just when are those times? Presently, I do not know.  Be that as it may, I think it is better to state, “under certain situations/circumstances”, your company might grant such a request. After all, it has done so in the past.  You are “not sure whether his particular situation would fit that definition”, but you will do your best to see if his request can be honored.

In the above example, you are not “closing any doors” by flatly stating “No”. Neither are you telling him “Yes” which may be over-promising, if it can’t be delivered. Instead, you are letting him know that the possibility exist (keeping the door open) but leaving room for a possible “No” based on the situational factors.

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