Example of How to Qualify a Lead from an Inbound Call

Steps to Qualifying the Calls (N.P.T.A.B.R)


  1. What leads you to call us today? What is the need that exist? How can I help you?


  1. I assume you are currently making outbound calls?
    1. Yes: (go to #2)
    2. No: How do you currently generate and convert new business?
  2. Currently using a Dialer?
    1. Yes:
      1. Who?
      2. What is it lacking?
    2. No: What is happening in your current process/ your business to have you now considering dialers?
  3. How many agents?
  4. Outbound only or blended (inbound and outbound)
  5. USA bound calls (48 states)
    1. If not , where…

Time Frame:

  1. Time frame for getting started?


  1. Who else, in addition to you will be making the decision on the project?


  1. Computers
  2. Internet
    1. Yes
      1. Need to be
        1. Highspeed
        2. Hard line ( no wireless connections)
    2. No
  3.  Headsets
    1. Yes
      1. USB is preferred
      2. Can work with Analog
    2.  No
      1. Deskphone
      2.  Cell phone
        1. Not recommended
  4. Leads
    1. In a spreadsheet CSV

The Demo

  1. Get the Date and Time
  2. Who else needs to be involved in the process?

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