Responding or Reacting to Prospect and Customer Behavior

When speaking with a prospect and or customer, there will be times when you will disagree with what he/she is saying. What she/he is saying may be untrue or completely off the mark. The customer may be irate about an issue that may or may not be your fault or the fault of the company. The prospect  might have an issue with the way a particular product is marketed. Whatever the situation, the question at hand, is how should you behave? Should you react or respond? Should you react with a similar tone? Should you be confrontational and set the person straight?

Whatever behavior you choose, it should be one that facilitates the achievement of your goal. When you are speaking with a prospect, you are trying to qualify and convert that prospect into a paying customer. When speaking with a customer, you are trying to retain and grow the existing business with that customer. With these goals in mind, a marketing, sales and/or customer service person should moderate his/her respond to the customer despite how the prospect or customer is behaving.  To do otherwise, is to jeopardize the greater goal of revenue maximization.

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