Why do people buy?

I believe that people buy to solve a problem, meet a need, fulfill a desire or satisfy a want.

Sometimes there are those prospective customers who know they have an unsolved problem, an unmet need, unfulfilled desire,  or unsatisfied want. These prospects are therefore motivated to search for products or means of getting the problem solved, etc… In situation like this, companies need to:

  1. Be in the place where the prospective customer would search (ie., if the customer goes to Google and search, you must ensure that you appear in the first page search results; if he goes to a particular business directory, you need to be seen in “that” directory);
  2. Be seen and/or heard among the crowd of competitors in the same space (capture the prospects attention);

At other times, customer are not aware that a problem exists; they don’t know that have have an unmet need, an unfulfilled desired or unsatisfied want. To sell products to this segment, companies have to create this “lack of” in the mind of the consumer. They have to:

  1. Create campaigns that get the attention of a prospective customer;
  2. Create the “lack of” in the mind of the prospect;
  3. Show how the company’s products can be the answer to that “lack of“;

The first situation can probably be referred to as “demand fulfillment“, while the second situation is “demand creation or demand generation”

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