Permission vs. Non-Permission Marketing

“Permission marketing is where marketers obtain permission before advancing to the next step in the purchasing process” It is a term popularized by Seth Godin” (source).  As far as I can determine, this term seems to be associated with non-interruptive marketing.


  1. Ask permission to send an email newsletter
  2. Ask permission before sending a mailer
  3. Ask permission before calling or Voice Broadcast

Explicit Permission

Is where a prospect gives you explicit permission consent to send out that catalogue or to send that email or that newsletter.

Implicit Permission

Is where the prospect based on taking an querying  a search engine, is sending a general request for information not from a particular company/person  but from any one that can help with that request.

Non-Permission Marketing is a mode of marketing where the marketer, sales person,  or company does not obtain permission to initiate contact.  This type of marketing is also referred to as Interruptive Marketing.


  1. cold calling telemarketing
  2. door-to-door sales
  3. email blasts;
  4. Voice Broadcast or Robo Calling;

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