Feeding the Mind

How important is it to “feed the mind”? Is feeding the mind just as important as feeding the body? More importantly, what does feeding the mind mean? If feeding the mind is important, what should the mind be fed, and how often should one feed it? What are the consequences of not feeding the mind? Does the mind “eat off” itself  in the same manner that the body “eats off” itself when it is not fed? These are some of the questions that were running through my mind today as I went for a morning walk.

As I sat down to eat breakfast, I was struck with how like feeding the body, feeding the mind means intaking daily those thoughts, images and sounds that make the mind healthy and strong.  In other words, eating “mental foods” that are positive in nature.

Feeding the mind is important because without positive intake, the mind will be force to feed off the images and sounds of the situation it is subjected. The minds will also feed off the negative thoughts that emerge as a result of the conditions and circumstance of its environment.  That is because, the mind can’t be empty. The mind is always occupied with “stuff”.  So, either you take control over what your mind feeds on, or you give control to the forces of your situation and circumstances to feed and control it.

The mind should be fed “positiveness” each day at least one time a day. I am not sure of the duration of this “feeding”.  But, maybe we can use as a guide the same amount of time it takes one to eat a meal; say, 15-30 minutes. Some example of what this mental food can and should be include:

  1. positive readings of qualities you want to have;
  2. videos on how other people have overcome adversity to reach their goals;
  3. audio of sounds that are soothing, relaxing, inspirational and motivational;
  4. thoughts for the day;
  5. spiritual scriptures;
  6. the list is limited only by the imagination.

While  I have no empirical data to support my claims, I do have personal experiences and conclusions, albeit subjective in nature.  That stated, these suggestions if applied diligently should heap “huge dividends”.

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