1-on-1 Training

Our 1-on-1 Training and Coaching  Program is  designed for those INDIVIDUALS interested in a more personalize, hands on approach. This is generally for those beginners and seasoned reps who want to concentrate heavily on a particular skill(s), or who because of a number of time constraints simply can’t make it to one of our Group Sales Training.  This training can be conducted at our facility; at  a location of your choice; or conducted virtually by using conference calls and other online meeting platforms like GoToMeeting.

The scope of the  1-on-1 Training and Coaching could include but not limited to: Goal setting; Plan Design; Weekly and/or daily reviews to check progress and adjustments; Deal assistance; Field-Shadowing; Plus many others.

The costs for 1-on-1 Sales Training is billed on a per  hourly basis. Customized pricing based on type of program , frequency of training and length of program is available.

If you are suffering from low to average sales performance , or if you have reached a plateau and if what you are presenting doing is not helping to reduce the performance gap fast enough and in a manner that is aligned with your expectations, then give us a call to discuss your options.



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